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Why would people choose a private high school for their children?
People prefer the smaller class size, excellent teachers and high academic standards. At private high school, students receive more individual attention. For international students, private high schools are good choices since public schools are not allowed to issue I-20 for foreign students for more than one year
At what grade level do private high schools admit international students?
Many private high schools admit international students who are applying for grade 9 to grade 11. Most of them do not admit students into grade 12.
What is the application process for international students?
In general, there are documents to submit: Application Form and fee; the students two Teacher Recommendation; the Academic records for the current school year and the last two school years; the Financial Disclosure form; Language Test (TOEFL or SLEP), SSAT if needed. After all applications have been submitted, an interview may need to be scheduled.
What types of courses do private high schools generally offer?
English; Math; Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry etc.); Social Science (History, Economics, Government, etc.); Other (Language, Bible, Music, Art, PE, etc.)
Why do business with J & Z?
1. Most of J & Zs staff members work at the United States.
2. J & Z could make good fit between schools and students.
3.J&Z provides extensive management services for international students who study in the United States.
4. 24/7 Access to J & Z.
5. The fees J& Z charges are simple and reasonable.
What if I have more questions?
We are happy to answer any of your questions. Please contact us at info@jzeducation.com